Family and Child Custody Attorneys Los Angeles

Family and Child Custody Attorneys Los Angeles

Family Law Attorneys in Los Angeles

Progresso Legal Group P.C. Attorneys Serving Families for more than 20 years with experience in family law in the county of Los Angeles. Our attorneys in Progresso Legal Group P.C. are experts in family law proceedings. Call us to schedule a free and confidential consultation to our office phone number 800-651-1227.

It is extremely important to have an attorney at your side for any and all family law proceedings who can help and guide you in family courts within Los Angeles County to defend you and your family. If you are ready to file for divorce, or need to establish your parental rights for your children, our family law attorneys in Progresso Legal Group P.C. can help you and guide you throughout these difficult processes.

You should have an attorney that is capable and available to represent you in any of the courts in Los Angeles County with years of experience and who are sensible to the circumstances you are facing to ensure you obtain your legal parental rights.

Complete legal family law representation for Los Angeles County California

Custody of Children Los Angeles

“What are my rights and how can the court help me get the lives of my children in order?”

Legal processes having to do with the custody of children are often very difficult and require lots of care and efficiency to properly proceed, defend, and establish your legal rights. These processes are extremely important and it is crucial that these cases be handled professionally right from the beginning to establish all the necessary orders in a proper way as these can affect all the parties, the children, and their relationships to one another.

There are many important aspects to every custody process such as the mental/physical health of the children and parties, the safety and wellbeing of the children, financial costs, the academic lives of the children, extracurricular activities, and if necessary in certain cases transportation, exchange, and conduct orders can also be established.

  • Legal custody needs to be established and detailed to avoid future conflicts and decisions
  • Physical custody needs to be establish and detail to have a set schedule of times and responsibilities for child care and other aspects such as travel, vacations, and the manner of exchanges
  • Other orders regarding conduct of the parties, communication of the parties, academics of the children, financial support, or moving to a different county, state or country

Our Attorneys at Progresso Legal Group P.C. have been serving, and providing legal representation to families though Los Angeles county and southern California for more than 20 Years.Call us to schedule a free and confidential consultation to our office phone number 800-651-1227.


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