Divorce by Mutual Agreement or Mutual Consent

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Mutual Agreement Divorce or Mutual Consent

In certain cases and with certain requirements couples who were married for a brief time and in agreement for a divorce can enter into what is a called a Joint Petition for Summary Dissolution. This process is an elective process done together where the parties decide to end the marriage in a quick process that does not involve court hearings, complex paperwork, or motions. In a Summary Dissolution parties are in agreement that they wish to end their divorce without asking for any orders aside for the divorce. This is used in cases where the parties do no need or ask for any financial orders, where the parties have large assets being claimed or argued for, and no children among a few other requirements.

Professionals in the office of Progresso Legal Group P.C. can assist in ending a marriage quickly in a simple and straightforward process without being adversarial.

Spousal or family support that was commonly known as “alimony” is a complex and very important part of any divorce or family case. The court may order spousal support or family support alongside, instead of, or in combination with child support to provide financial support to one of the parties. Often times in any family case and specifically in divorces there might be a large difference in the income, capacity to earn, and valuable assets between the parties. There is usually one party who has a much higher income, or ability to have a larger income, or much more in assets as opposed to the opposing party. In situations such as this is it may be difficult or scary to maintain your lifestyle or even your basic necessities upon separating from your partner. For someone who needs assistance in maintaining their lifestyle and meeting their basic necessities it is important to properly petition the court for financial support orders, ensure they are properly established, and have them enforced if necessary.

In cases where a person is being sued for child support, spousal support, or family support it is extremely important they respond properly, defend their rights, and ensuring the court considers your position and any concerns you may have. At times there are certain orders the court can issue against you such as child support or spousal support, however, you will be faced with worse results if you respond on your own, improperly without professional representation. For these orders that cannot be avoided it is important that you defend your rights, have your concerns heard, and to place limits to the orders made against you so they do not make your daily life impossibly hard.

Lastly, while spousal support (alimony) can only be an issue in divorces and not standard paternity (parentage) cases, child support is an important component of any family case involving children. Child support orders can be requested a nearly any point in the life of a minor. Child support orders can be requested directly from a party in any family courthouse or it can be initiated by the Los Angeles County itself. Regardless of who began the action child support orders are difficult to modify or lower after it has been established. If you are now facing a request for child support orders it is important you seek professional help right away. Child support orders can leave you with large debts (called arrears), these orders can also cause your income to be garnished, to be deducted automatically before you are paid, it can cause for your tax returns to be garnished, it can cause you to have money withdrawn directly from your bank accounts, it can cause you to have your passport suspended, and a very importaant consequences many people do not realize is the fact that child support orders can cause your driver’s license to be suspended. If your driver’s license is suspended and you are caught behind the wheel, regardless of the circumstances, you will be charged with multiple criminal charges, your car may be towed, and you will likely be arrested and can face jail time. It is important that when you anticipate child support orders or the moment you receive notice that you look for professional help and representation. It is more costly to attempt reduce or modify child support after they been established.

For someone who is looking to establish child support orders it is also important to obtain professional help before doing so. You need an expert to help you make sure you obtain orders that will help you with all expenses you have with your children. Having children is difficult and often there are many expenses and difficulties people are unaware they can receive help for. There are often health care expenses, school expenses, babysitting expenses, and transportation expenses that people do not ask for if they proceed by themselves. In other circumstances opposing parties may try to hide their income, their assets, or they might respond in a full blown custody battle if you seek to ask orders against them. For these few reasons of many it is important you have professional help for any orders you seek.

Trying to establish custody of minors, going through separations and family processes are difficult, they are complicated, and can have deep and long lasting impacts in your lives. Seeking professional help is the best decision anyone considering, starting, or going through any family law case can make. We at Progresso Legal Group P.C. are available and compassionate to the different situations our clients find themselves in. We take our time to ensure our clients understand their circumstances, the applicable laws and how they affect their case, and to provide proper guidance in these difficult situations.

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