Family Law Attorneys for Parents

Family Law Attorneys for Parents

Family Law Attorneys for Parents

What are the rights of the parents in a divorce? What are the rights of husbands and of wife’s in a divorce? People often hear general information, incorrect information, or stereotypes of divorced and family cases having to do with the use of infidelity in the marriage, preference towards mothers, or preference to someone with a higher income, or the use of someone’s legal status and many other things that are not realistic or do not have any actual impact in legal proceedings. Allow actual legal professionals with the expertise and knowledge of family law processes represent you and advocate for you.

Are goals are to ensure are clients are involved and allowed to be in the development of their children, the academics of their children, any medical processes of their children, extracurricular activities, holidays, vacations and other orders that need to be established. All parents have rights however they need to be established by the superior courts of California before they become.

  • Request for Orders
  • Financial Court Orders

Courts, and in some cases county child support services, have the power to garnish your wages, order child support, order spousal or family support, garnish your taxes, garnish payments from your bank accounts, suspend your license, suspend your passport and can issue many other orders that can directly affect your daily life.

You have to petition the court to establish any financial support orders, you also have to petition the court to enforce any court orders that are being violated, and also it is entirely up to you to petition the court to modify established court orders. If you are paying child support by court order and suddenly lose your job, dramatically lose or have a change in income, it is up to you to modify your orders and petition the court, nothing is done automatically or on your behalf. Likewise, if you receive financial support and have a change in circumstances; unexpected expenses, loss in wages, medical or financial hardship, it is up to you to petition the court for modification or enforcement.

If you just receive notice regarding any financial legal proceedings , are requesting orders, or need to modify orders you should seek for professional help as soon as possible. In Progresso Legal Group P.C. we seek to petition the court as you ask us to, for you best interest, and to make sure you understand the process, what can happen, and what you should be doing in these legal processes.

Our Attorneys at Progresso Legal Group P.C. have been serving, and providing legal representation to families though Los Angeles county and southern California for more than 20 Years.Call us to schedule a free and confidential consultation to our office phone number 800-651-1227.


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